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You’ve come to this Chinese Energetic Medicine site because you are looking for an end to suffering, and  to know the deeper meaning for your  life.You’ve come to this site because you are looking for freedom from pain and suffering be it emotional, physical or mental.

You are wondrous beyond measure.With ability to change anything you want. You can learn how to make changes quickly and easily working with the subconscious influences in your life. I can teach you how to tap your inner wisdom and let a force greater than you work though you or do the work for you. By allowing a force greater than me to work through me your symptoms will change or disappear.  Meanwhile you can learn how to make shifts yourself.

I look forward to connecting with you.
For more information, call 530-292-3681.

Larry Kiser, who has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over 20 years, studied Chinese Energetic Medicine with a Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master in addition to Russian Scientists, and others. Today, in addition to his individual healing practice, he teaches workshops where people learn how to do self-healing and assist others to heal themselves. Larry’s deep understanding of the body’s fields of energy and the principles of quantum physics allows him to facilitate release of the deep patterns of memory that influence our life issues and body capacities — be they mental, physical, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, karmic, or from whatever source. Because the sensing and correcting of energetic patterns is not related to proximity, you can work with Larry remotely in telephone consultations to effect the healing you seek.